September 6, 2010 Issue Abstract


Regulatory Watch: Market Supervisors Rethinking Regulatory Roles as Interlinked Global Markets Hold Hidden Risks. An update on some of the proposals for implementing a ‘pragmatic framework’ for regulatory reforms in Europe and globally.

Industry Alert: E.U. Outlines Plans for Four Pan-European Regulators. An agreement between 27 European states and the European Commission plans four pan-European bodies to oversee the region’s financial markets activity.

Editor’s Comment: Trading Anamolies. Why the so-called ‘flash crash’ continues to have everybody in knots.

Derivatives Trading: ICAP Debuts Platform for Interest-Rate Swaps Trading.

Spotlight: IBM Envisions Decline of Securities Processing Complexity as Firms Tackle Data Duplication and Adopt Industry-wide Solutions. IBM’s Shanker Ramamurthy, General Manager, Global Banking and Financial Markets, talks about emerging themes driving transformation across the banking and financial markets sectors.

Securities Operations: Fiserv’s Accurate Boosts Data Reconciliation Efficiency. We take a look at a product that aims to deliver “complete, end-to-end” reconciliations.

On the Exchanges: CBOE to Launch C2 Options Exchange in October. An all-new electronic exchange hopes to stir up fiery competition in the options trading arena.

The News Network: BATS Set to Launch “Y” Second U.S. Equities Exchange October 15.

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