September 20, 2010 Issue Abstract


Investment Technology Trends: ASP/SaaS Portfolio Accounting Solutions Making Gains Even as Money Managers Are Cautious. Investment managers’ appetite for ASP/Software-as-a-Service solutions for portfolio accounting is growing. A leading asset manager offers some tips for peers considering taking the ASP path.

Industry Alert: AFME Urges Firms to Name Chief Risk Officer. The Association for Financial Markets in Europe has issued a report on ensuring systemic stability. Among other recommendations, it suggests financial firms name a chief risk officer. 

Editor’s Comment: Day, Night, Light, Darkness. The cyclical nature of how people perceive things and the erosion of trust among customers of Wall Street firms.

Clearance & Settlement: Swift to Link Securities-Matching Service to CCPs.

Spotlight: Proprietary Trading Sees Emerging Opportunities for Intermediaries Beyond Mere Trade Execution. A conversation with Chris Hehmeyer, Chief Executive Officer of HTG Capital Partners, a Chicago-based firm trading in the futures and listed futures and futures options markets.

Financial Standards: Financial InterGroup, GS1 to Develop Securities and Investment Industry Bar Codes. Trade, scan and settle may be how securities operations are handled in the world of tomorrow.

European Market Monitor: NYSE Arca Europe Makes Gains Among MTFs. Analysis of the latest statistics from the Federation of European Securities Exchanges suggests NYSE Arca Europe may be the one to watch.

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