September 5, 2005 Issue Abstract

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The Electronic Marketplace: Full-Service Direct Market Access Empowering High-Octane Trading at Buy-Side Institutions.
Direct market access and algorithmic trading are fast becoming the rule rather than the exception in sell-side services to the buy side.
Industry Alert: Nasdaq to Exit Intermarket Trading System in 2006. To comply with Regulation NMS, the Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc., plans to replace the Intermarket Trading System Plan with its own private linkage.
Spotlight: Jacques-Philippe Marson, Chief Executive Officer, BNP Paribas Securities Services.
Securities Trading: Linedata Teams With Savvis to Sell Trading Support. Linedata Services' offering of its LongView Trading order management system and its Linedata Compliance monitoring and risk management system through hosting and network services from Savvis, Inc., is characteristic of a shift away from stand-alone software and toward the application service provider model.
Regulatory Watch: MiFID Spurs Opportunities in Trading, Market Data. The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) is likely to dramatically change European market structure by moving market data and trade-order flow form the exchanges to securities and investment firms.
Clearance & Settlement: Europe Tries to Whistle New Harmonization Tune. Harmonization of clearance and settlement standards in Europe won't happen overnight, because of European securities and investment firms' reluctance to revamp clearance and settlement operations.
Market & Securities Data: Institutions Seek Accuracy, Speed in Data Management. The more financial services firms and their traders rely on black boxes and less on human eyes, the greater the need for accurate data and the greater the influence of incremental increases in speed.
Leveraging Trading Technology: New Platform Enables Nasdaq to Widen Index Business. The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc., is responding to customer demand for indexing with a new, enhanced indexing platform and two new indexes.
New Product Watch: Innovative Solutions Showcased at Sibos 2005.
The News Network: Townsend Analytics Adds Nasdaq's TotalView to RealTick; Cameron FIX Engine to Power ASX and London Hub.
Business Strategies: Atos Euronext Market Solutions Targets Exchanges. Atos Euronext Market Solutions, a newly formed company that extends the scope of AtosEuronext, will deliver a range of innovative electronic market solutions.

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