October 4, 2010 Issue Abstract


Securities Trading: Regulatory Probe of ‘Flash Crash’ Leaves Some Scratching Their Heads on How to Avert Another. Market analysts continue to seek answers on how to avert the next one, even after the joint report of the US Commodities Trading Corporation and the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Industry Alert: Price Quoting Processes Stub Toes of Unwary Investors. The ‘Flash Crash’ whodunit takes note of ‘stub quotes’ and, in a flash, exchanges see the flaws.

Editor’s Comment: Hastening Economic Turnaround. When corporations hold the cash, can consumers be expected to lead the recovery? 

Spotlight: NYSE Euronext Amsterdam’s Multi-Product Focus Drives Goals to Leverage a Globally Networked Trading Community. Cees Vermaas, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of NYSE Euronext Amsterdam may be well positioned to leverage equities and derivatives trading expertise into a new global exchange model.

Data Management: MoneyMate Helps Asset Managers Turn Data Into Information. Read what JP Morgan Asset Management and Schroder Investment Management are doing to present timely investment data to their clients online.

Shareholder Services: Euroclear, Broadridge to Partner on Electronic Voting. A new alliance hopes to strengthen shareholders’ governance rights in Europe by making it easier for investors to vote electronically at company meetings.

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