November 28, 2005 Issue Abstract


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Fixed-Income Trading: Bond Markets Said to Be Near a Tipping Point In Demand for Greater Electronic Efficiencies. The use of electronic technology for fixed-income trading is rapidly being adopted, not just due to a need to save costs, but to avoid losing business entirely.


Industry Alert: SEC to Securities and Investment Firms: Think XBRL. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is championing the notion of so-called interactive data as key to saving time on entering data from static SEC reports into investment analysis programs, as well as to circumvent the challenges of reconciling various global accounting practices with the demands of US GAAP accounting standards.


Research & Analytics: Relegence Connect Analyzes Corporate Food Chains. The Relegence Corporation and Credit Suisse First Boston LLC (CSFB) have launched Relegence Connect, an intelligence delivery product geared to research analysts, which maps company relationships and industry supply chains.


Spotlight: Neeraj Sahai, Managing Director and Global Head of Securities and Fund Services at Citigroup.


Portfolio Accounting Systems: Advent Portfolio Exchange Advances Client Reporting. Advent Portfolio Exchange is Advent Software’s next-generation portfolio accounting, reporting and client-relationship management platform, designed to manage the full range of investment operations.


Electronic Trading Networks: Goldman Sachs Seeks e-Trading Growth in Asia and Canada. With the extension of its REDIPlus electronic trading platform to serve clients in Asia and Canada, Goldman Sachs is leveraging its presence in these markets to allow users of the platform to access the full depth of book and issue orders.


The News Network: Trading Technologies Adds Portware and Hotspot FX; Soliton to Automate Access to S&P Reference Data; ISE to Join Tape Association, Quote and Trading Plans; NFA to Regulate PHLX’s New Electronic Futures Exchange.

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