November 15, 2010 Issue Abstract


OTC Derivatives: Firms Are Preparing for Regulatory Changes and Studying Central Clearing of Derivatives. Those with a ring-side seat on the action say that the real challenge before the industry lies in reducing risks related to swaps and other complex derivatives, not vanilla instruments.


Industry Alert: Survey Finds Asset Management Compensation Gains. Compensation consultancy Johnson Associates and Greenwich Associates teamed up for a poll to ascertain who earned how much in 2009 and 2010.


Editor’s Comment: Derivatives Dilemma. Unlike stocks, derivatives lack a standardized way for describing instruments. It’s a modern Tower of Babel.


Business Strategies: MISYS to Acquire Buy-Side Solutions Vendor Sophis. The price: Equity valued at $354.9 million.


Spotlight: J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services Positioned to Offer a Full Spectrum of Investment Assets Support. Conrad Kozak, Chief Executive, J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services, says the risks that custodial banks take on behalf of clients are now out of synch with the fees that are paid.


Securities Trading Trends: Trading Platforms Forging Tighter Links Worldwide. A look at moves by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME); ITG, Inc; Instinet; International Securities Exchange’s Longitude LLC; and Neonet offers insights on how trading venues are gearing up for new opportunities.


Alternative Investments: Electronic Platform to Trade Restricted Securities in the U.S. GATE Technologies has launched GATE Pro, a platform for trading private-company stock and private investments in public companies.


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