July 26, 2010 Issue Abstract


Regulatory Reform & Compliance: Emerging Demands Invigorate Data Aggregation Quest for Timely and Frequent Portfolio Reporting. Institutional investors have always faced ad hoc requests for portfolio information, but the frequency of those demands from plan sponsors and asset owners has increased since 2008.

Industry Alert: Top Court Ambiguous on Patenting Financial Processes. A closely followed Supreme Court case, Bilski v. Kappos, handed a 5-4 split decision on business process patents. The lack of a bright-line test means that the notion of patenting a financial process is still an open question.

Editor’s Comment: Wooing the Chattering Class.  Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Wall Street’s woes.

On the Exchanges: Direct Edge Exchange Launches on Next-Generation Platforms; World Federation of Exchanges Reports Gains for Emerging Markets.

Spotlight: Electronically Interlinked Middle Eastern Markets May Be Considered Major Crossroads in Investment World of 2015. Bill Gorman, President and founder of SeerTrade, Inc., shares a candid perspective on securities markets in the Middle East.

Technology Spending Trends: Firms Examine IT Investment for Future Sustainability. A survey of Wall Street’s IT executives sheds light on where they are allocating resources.

European Market Monitor: NYSE Euronext London Plans to Challenge LSE’s Dominance. The strategy is to attract international companies seeking a listing in London.

The Electronic Marketplace: Xtrakter ranks Tradeweb Europe and Chi-X in top slots for fixed income and equities for Q2 2010.

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