July 12, 2010 Issue Abstract


Buy-Side Technology Trends: Asset Managers Reviewing Vendor Relationships, Anticipating Dynamic Shifts in Business Demands. Hard-to-discern underwater currents augur for a decade of dramatic change. Our report probes below the surface to take stock of some of the key driving forces and their visible impact.

Industry Alert: Repository Fever Grips Europe’s Depositories. An examination of the competitive race to create central trade repositories, adding a new layer of fragmentation, yet geared to “monitoring systemic risk” and offering regulators “a complete view” of the OTC derivatives markets in Europe.

Editor’s Comment: More Than Meets the Eye.  Of birds, bees, humans and Wall Street firms en route to circa 2015.

Spotlight: Technology Economics May Be an Essential New Key to Insights on Future Winners and Losers. Why understanding 21st century markets and nations calls for new economic measures as global IT spending reaches $4.2 trillion. A thought-provoking conversation with Howard Rubin, President and founder, RubinWorldwide, a consultancy, suggests even the Dow Jones Industrial Average has passed its prime.

New Product Watch: New and Noteworthy Tools Enhance Investment Support. We take a look at new developments from Investment Risk Management Systems, Princeton Financial Systems, Sophis and Tradar.

Market Data: NYSE Technologies, Markit to Work on OTC Data Solution. Their goal is to consolidate data to enhance transparency in Europe’s OTC equity markets.

The News Network: Capgemini Buys Strategic Systems Solutions; Omgeo to Partner With ANBIMA on Post-Trade Communications in Brazil.

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