January 10, 2011 Issue Abstract


The Electronic Marketplace: Under-the-Radar Trading Strategies Raising Ire, Some Fear Loss of Long-Term Investors. Regulators remain curiously detached about demanding data to enable a deeper understanding of massive market spikes and their causes, while advanced technologies now enable high frequency traders to fill the market with message traffic and modify their orders without necessarily creating liquidity.


Industry Alert: FPL Proposes Risk Management Standards for Traders. The goal is to introduce risk management best practices for electronic trading by institutional participants.


Editor’s Comment: Age of Reason. It is time to overcome the challenges of making a fresh beginning.


Buy-Side Perspective: Tabb Study Takes Measure of Buy-Side Traders’ Sentiments. “Even among the most hardened professionals, May 6 was a wake-up call to the potential weaknesses within the US equity market structure,” says Matt Simon, Senior Analyst and author of The Tabb Group research which examines trading trends.


Spotlight: Wall Street’s Profit Motives May Be Hurting the Growth of U.S. Equities Markets as Conflicts Elbow-Out Capital. David Weild IV, Chairman and founder of Capital Markets Advisory Partners, says changes in market structure may be contributing to a capital-formation crisis in the United States.


Investor Attitudes: TD Ameritrade Survey Uncovers American Investors’ Regrets. Looking at the recession of 2008-09 through the eyes of Baby Boomers, Gen-X and Gen-Y individuals reveals some markedly different views.


Business Strategies: ConvergEx Group Adds Prized EMS RealTick to Its Stable. ConvergEx’s global footprint may help expand the execution management system’s multi-broker network.


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