Posted October 5, 2009


TOKYO – The Tokyo Stock Exchange Inc. (TSE) has launched Tdex+ System, a new electronic options contracts trading platform based on NYSE Liffe’s LIFFE Connect technology. The new system improves order processing performance to 6 milliseconds for order response and 20,000 transactions per second.


“[The] launch of Tdex+ System is the first step to further develop the TSE options market,” Atsushi Saito, President and Chief Executive Offocer of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. “The introduction of the Market Maker scheme provides investors the opportunity to trade Japanese options contracts in a highly transparent exchange market. I strongly believe that development of an options market enhances the possibilities of alternative investments on Japanese financial markets, and greatly contributes to make Japanese markets more attractive. TSE will continue to make every effort to establish efficient and convenient markets for investors around the globe in the future.”


In addition, the TSE also introduced the Market Maker scheme for all listed options contracts. Multiple market makers started to quote bid and offer continuously for not only Options on JGB Futures, which have already high liquidity, but also TOPIX Options and Equity Options.


“[The] launch of Tdex+ is the culmination of a year long endeavor involving both business and technology teams from NYSE Euronext working in partnership with the TSE,” says Duncan L. Niederauer, Chief Executive Officer, NYSE Euronext. “Technology provides the foundation for future business co-operation between our two organizations, and we are committed to doing our part to deliver significant benefit and value to the TSE and its customers.”



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