Posted June 25, 2009

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The BATS Exchange has launched its Multicast PITCH real-time depth of book data feed using Savvis low-latency exchange connectivity technology.

“The members and market data vendors can begin receiving the Multicast PITCH feed immediately for fast, efficient access to BATS market data,” says Chris Isaacson, Chief Operating Officer of BATS Exchange.

BATS Exchange members that connect to the BATS trading platform can access Multicast PITCH using Savvis’ Exchange Express and Community of Interest Network (COIN), Savvis’ private managed global network.

“When you consider BATS continued global expansion as one of the world’s leading trading platforms, combined with the ongoing market volatility, the BATS Multicast PITCH data feed is an ideal option for maintaining and complementing BATS sustained low latency trading experience under all market conditions,” says Varghese Thomas, Savvis Vice President of Financial Services.


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